• How to pay off your loans in a shorter amount of time

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    For many people, an auto loan is one of the largest payments that they will make every month. Sometimes, you can relieve a significant amount of financial pressure by paying off these loans in a shorter amount of time. If you’re searching for ways to pay off your auto loans for bad credit faster, then follow these simple steps.

    1. Know exactly how much it will take to pay off the loans.

    car rental: women driving a new carIn order to determine how much you should be contributing to your debt every month, you need to know exactly how much the payoff amount is on the loans. Luckily, most lenders will provide you with web access to see exactly how much you owe. If this isn’t available to you, be sure to check with the lender over the phone if you are unsure how much you currently owe.

    2. Ask your lender or loan representative about your options.

    Sometimes the best thing to do is to contact your lender directly and find out what your options are. For example, if you have enough cash on-hand, you may be able to save on the interest if you pay the entire loan off in cash now.

    3. Ask about penalties.

    In some cases, lenders may actually charge you a penalty if you pay off your loans faster than the originally agreed time. Before you try to pay off your auto loans faster than the time frame in your contract, contact your lender and ask about penalties.

    4. Ask your lender if you can contribute additional payments directly toward the principal.

    If your auto loan is structured so that the monthly interest is fixed, then you may actually be able to contribute extra payments directly toward the principal. This is one of the best ways to reduce the size of the loan and the time that you will need to pay it off completely. If you reduce the principal amount of your auto loan this way, then you can experience serious savings on the interest you will need to pay in the future.

    5. Create an extra income stream specifically for your additional auto loan payments.

    If you want to pay your auto loan off quicker, then you will need to contribute extra payments. However, if your finances are already stretched fairly thin, this can be difficult. To help ease the burden, why not take an extra part-time job for a while? You can work a night job a few days a week or sell things on eBay over the weekend to create the extra income stream that you need. Be creative and we’re sure you’ll be able to find an additional income stream that you can use for your auto loan payment.

    6. Adjust your spending accordingly.

    One of the best ways to maximize the amount of money that you repay every month is to adhere to a budget. Try to keep your spending down and you’ll be able to put that much more money towards paying off the loans faster.


    Raymond is a retired banker from Michigan where he lives with his wife.

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